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ALSO I N BUSINESS Supermarke­t chain Kroger


reported a slide in a main measure of profitabil­ity Friday, blaming discounts, wastage and this year’s squeeze on global supply chains. U.S. retailers have spent more on shipping and labor this year, as pandemicdr­iven port congestion­s and a shortage of drivers increase costs. Kroger’s gross margin fell to 21.4 percent in the second quarter, from 22.8 percent a year earlier.

United Parcel Service agreed to acquire Roadie, a same-day delivery start-up, looking to speed service and expand into atypical parcels such as oversize packages and perishable goods. The acquisitio­n, for an undisclose­d amount, comes after UPS began a pilot with Atlanta-based Roadie to test same-day deliveries. Roadie will operate under its own name as a separate company.

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