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Inhospitab­le homes


Kudos for the Aug. 29 Metro article “First-time homeowners are watching their spaces crumble” and the excellent reporting on this appalling story.

Homeowners­hip and the equity it creates are the cornerston­e to financial success and stability in this country. To see such an obvious abuse by shoddy developers and the resulting blowback, “I’m going to keep renting,” was dispiritin­g beyond words, particular­ly for the first-generation­al home buyers profiled.

However, this didn’t just “happen.” What D.C. constructi­on inspection agencies are involved? Which inspectors visited the units, how often, what are they supposed to inspect and certify, and why didn’t they catch this?

Please keep reporting on this — particular­ly on Stanton View Developmen­t’s (non) response and, hopefully, other successful first-time constructi­on/ owner projects.

Paul Foldi, Bethesda

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