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The world in hot water


The Aug. 30 news article “Hurricane Ida may be the poster child for climate disaster” was a breath of fresh air as it directly linked Hurricane Ida to climate change. This connection is as obvious as the noses on our faces.

Ida verifies what science has been telling us for decades. Tropical depression­s that form in 86-degree water will develop quickly, bring highly destructiv­e wind and carry torrents of rain.

Our collective recognitio­n of our climate problem should be our next step. Rapid and thorough mitigation would logically be on everyone’s minds, as we are all in hot water here.

Will this monster hurricane be the event that draws the needed attention to our disrupted climate? Will we transition to clean energy, or will we shake our heads over Louisiana’s dire situation for a few days and then move on?

Sally Courtright, Albany

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