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Have faith in teens


I enjoyed reading the Aug. 26 front-page article about the poll of teenagers in the United States, “Survey finds American teens weary but optimistic.” In particular, I was pleasantly surprised to see so much optimism and hope for the future among young people.

That said, I was disappoint­ed that the article didn’t mention one of the most surprising findings: A majority of teens said that “living a religious life” was important (26 percent saying very important and 28 percent saying fairly important, for a total of 54 percent). The “very important” percentage was not far behind that for “make a difference in the world” (30 percent) and ahead of “being involved in your community” (17 percent), both characteri­stics often attributed to today’s younger people.

Because the media has often portrayed the under-30 generation as completely without interest in organized faith, this is a big deal, and I think it deserved at least a mention.

Anthony Porco, Savage

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