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Stop passive segregatio­n


I was disappoint­ed that there was no discussion of the racial disparity between the School Without Walls and Banneker High School in the Aug. 30 Metro article about the School Without Walls, “Access test fails at D.C. school.” Banneker, D.C.’S other high-performing high school, is 73 percent Black and 2 percent White. There is a tacit understand­ing in D.C. that Banneker is the Black equivalent to the School Without Walls.

D.C. Public Schools has been passively promoting this segregated system for decades. If the school system is going to reexamine Walls, it also needs to reexamine Banneker. To stop this institutio­nal segregatio­n, DCPS must bring the communitie­s of these two schools together to develop a solution so that both schools reflect the broader community.

Betsy Henry, Washington

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