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Asner’s dangerous activism


I realize obituaries are not the place to chastise celebritie­s for irresponsi­ble activity, but if Ed Asner’s political causes are chronicled in a positive light, as in the Aug. 30 obituary “Emmy winner, activist played rugged boss on ‘ The Mary Tyler Moore Show,’ ” so should be his role in the “9/11 truth” conspiracy movement, which has been given legitimacy by other Hollywood figures, including, most recently, Spike Lee.

At a time when our democracy is threatened by widespread belief in conspiracy theories, it’s a mistake to give a pass to celebritie­s who trade in them.

I enjoyed Asner’s Lou Grant character as much as any of my fellow boomers, but I’ve been around long enough to know that talented entertaine­rs are often idiots about politics.

Peter Blau, Belmont, N.C.

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