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Failures all around


The Sept. 3 Style article “Networks’ selection of pundits draws flak” pointed out the hypocrisy of military and civilian pundits on cable TV of late critiquing U.S. policy and actions in Afghanista­n that they were a part of. All of a sudden, the American people are being told that the Afghan army could not stand on its own, despite 20 years of U.S. support in dollars, equipment and training. But what about the media’s role in sounding the alarm about the dysfunctio­n and corruption in Afghanista­n during those 20 years?

Comparison­s to Vietnam are inevitable. Seeing Afghans clinging to a military plane leaving Kabul was reminiscen­t of Vietnamese trying to board the last U.S. helicopter­s leaving Saigon. But so was the media’s failure to uncover the truth about how poorly the war in Afghanista­n was going until very late in the day.

Marci Greenstein, Bethesda

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