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10-day cool run has summer on heels


What’s in a name, they ask and not without reason. Merely to hear the name September suggests the fading of summertime, and for us in Washington on Friday seemed to uphold that image.

With a high of 78 and a low of 63, Friday was one of the cooler days here this month, and it seemed to offer both a pleasurabl­e experience and a subtle sign of our meteorolog­ical fate.

Friday, September’s 10th day, was also its 10th without a reading in the 90s. After August’s 16 days in the 90s, it seemed to suggest a page had been turned.

Warmer days may arrive, and brightness yet abounds; it may be early to call an end to summer.

But this is a month of transition, and on Friday, even under a smiling sun, the shadows of late afternoon seemed to fall across lawns and streets just a faint bit sooner, and they seemed to stretch just a small bit farther.

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