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WFT’S Tanya Snyder says podcast comments taken out of context.


Three days after her podcast interview with ESPN’S Adam Schefter was published, Washington Football Team co- CEO Tanya Snyder said in a statement that her comments were “taken out of context” by critics and issued an apology to former employees who experience­d “traumatic experience­s” during their time with the team.

Snyder’s appearance with Schefter was her first major interview since she was appointed coCEO of the team alongside her husband, Daniel Snyder.

“It is disappoint­ing that comments of mine [on] the Adam Schefter podcast have been selectivel­y quoted and taken out of context,” she said in the statement. “To be clear, we have apologized numerous times for the difficult and traumatic experience­s that certain people who worked for the Washington Football Team endured, and we have promised that nobody who works for the Team will ever experience such treatment again while Dan and I own the Team.

“I again today reiterate that apology. In addition to our words of apology, our actions — including the many changes made to employee support and training, the leadership team and my taking over the role of co- CEO — demonstrat­e on a daily basis our commitment to having the Washington Football Team be a profession­al and respectful workplace, and a source of pride to our employees and the entire community.”

Last summer, The Washington Post detailed allegation­s from former employees of pervasive sexual misconduct by club executives and a workplace culture marked by bullying, fear and intimidati­on. The reports prompted an investigat­ion that was paid for by Daniel Snyder and overseen by the NFL.

The probe did not result in a written report, but the NFL said the findings warranted a $10 million fine and recommende­d multiple changes to the team’s operations, many of which already had been made as the team overhauled its front office.

Daniel Snyder, the league added, would step away from the dayto-day duties of running the team to focus on longer-term projects, such as acquiring a new stadium, while Tanya Snyder would take over daily matters and attend league meetings for the foreseeabl­e future.

When asked by Schefter what the past year had been like for her, Tanya Snyder mentioned the “pain from our family, from my children” and “just a lot of the tough times that we’ve gone through.”

She added: “And just, as you know, the media. It is what it is. Everybody’s going to say whatever.”

Schefter later asked for her reaction to the “very unflatteri­ng things” that were reported about the franchise.

Well, I mean, horrified,” Tanya Snyder told him. “Needless to say, horrifying, and I tried to stop reading it all because it just became too much and too ridiculous. But where it puts me is wanting to dig my heels in stronger and get off the bench, stand up, get active and just go into action mode. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.”

In the podcast, Tanya Snyder didn’t mention the former female employees who alleged they were subjected to sexual misconduct while working for the team. That prompted criticism from several former employees, among others.

“At this point all this does is trigger me,” wrote Megan Imbert, who worked for the team from 2008 to 2011. “So sorry for what you’ve endured the past year Tanya . . . imagine living it.”

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