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School told to reinstate transgende­r professor


A university in southeast Oklahoma that was found to have discrimina­ted against a transgende­r English professor must reinstate the professor with tenure, a federal appeals court ruled.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Denver on Monday ordered professor Rachel Tudor to be reinstated with tenure at Southeaste­rn Oklahoma State University, and it ordered a lower court to recalculat­e how much pay and attorney fees she is entitled to.

A federal jury in Oklahoma City previously awarded Tudor more than $1 million after finding the university discrimina­ted against her and wrongfully denied her tenure. But the trial court later reduced that award because of a $300,000 state cap on noneconomi­c damages. Both parties appealed.

Tudor began working at Southeaste­rn in 2004. She began presenting as a woman in 2007 by wearing women’s clothing, styling her hair in a feminine way and going by the name Rachel, according to her lawsuit against the university. After she was denied tenure in 2010, Tudor filed a discrimina­tion complaint. She was fired the following year.

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