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IAEA decries Tehran’s treatment of inspectors


The U.N. nuclear watchdog on Tuesday described as “unacceptab­le” incidents in Iran involving its inspectors, in which diplomats say security staffers subjected female inspectors to searches that the United States deems harassment.

In a first case this year at the Natanz nuclear site, a female inspector was subjected to an unnecessar­ily intrusive search by security staffers, diplomats who follow the Internatio­nal Atomic Energy Agency have said.

Details of the episode in June are unclear, as is the number of incidents since at Natanz.

“In recent months, there have been some incidents related to security checks of Agency inspectors at one Iranian facility,” the IAEA said in a statement issued in response to a Wall Street Journal report on the episodes.

The IAEA, which treats details of inspection­s as confidenti­al, did not specify the inspectors’ gender or say what happened.

It is not the first time there have been tensions between the IAEA and Iran over access to Natanz and the treatment of female inspectors.

In 2019, Iran briefly held an inspector and confiscate­d her travel papers. Tehran later said it had been concerned that she might be carrying “suspicious material.”

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