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Another Catch-22


I completely agree with Elise Martel’s Sept. 13 op-ed, “The worst Catch-22 of all for Afghans who helped Americans.” A related Catch-22 is for former interprete­rs who cannot apply for a Priority 2 visa if they are eligible for an Afghan Special Immigrant Visa. A former interprete­r I am trying to help could not obtain an employment verificati­on letter from his successor company, L3harris Technologi­es. I followed up and was advised the company no longer has any records of its Afghan employees.

I strongly agree that the State Department should accept other proof of employment. I have been trying to promote as an alternativ­e an affidavit from a U.S. government officer who personally worked with the applicant in Afghanista­n, with the help of No One Left Behind. When I first contacted officials from this nonprofit a few months ago, they me that 60 percent of their emails involved the same issue: former contractor­s wadvised ho could not obtain employment verificati­on letters.

Charles Wintermeye­r, Mclean The writer is a retired Foreign Service


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