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Official admits IAEA’S cameras were removed


Iran acknowledg­ed Wednesday that it had removed several surveillan­ce cameras installed by U.N. nuclear inspectors at a centrifuge assembly site that came under a mysterious attack in June.

The chief of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohammad Eslami, sought to portray the removal of the cameras as Tehran’s response to world powers reneging on their commitment­s under the tattered 2015 nuclear deal.

“The parties did not implement their commitment­s, so there was no necessity for the cameras’ existence,” Eslami said after a meeting with lawmakers.

Days earlier, a confidenti­al Internatio­nal Atomic Energy Agency report revealed that the nuclear watchdog found one surveillan­ce camera destroyed and another severely damaged after their removal from the centrifuge manufactur­ing site in Karaj, northwest of Tehran.

In June, Iran accused Israel of a sabotage attack on the site.

Addressing questions about the IAEA’S broken surveillan­ce cameras, Eslami said they were damaged during recent “terrorist operations,” without elaboratin­g.

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