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Broadcasti­ng the high court


Trying times often lead to difficult decisions. The Supreme Court has steadfastl­y resisted broadcasti­ng live audio of its oral arguments until the coronaviru­s forced it to cancel in-person court sessions and broadcast live audio of its teleconfer­ence oral arguments last year. The sky did not fall. None of the objections to live audio broadcasts came to pass: that the lawyers would “grandstand” for the audience, that the justices would curb their own probing questions, or that the public could not follow or understand the legal give and take between the justices and counsel.

Now the court has announced it will hold oral arguments in person in the courtroom, with the public excluded but live audio still being broadcast. Let us hope this practice will continue after times return to normal. The American public should be able to observe directly, if only by live audio, the workings of the third branch of their government.

David A. Drachsler, Alexandria

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