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The case of Kyle Rittenhous­e


Paul Butler’s Nov. 22 op-ed, “Kyle Rittenhous­e’s defense was the best money can buy,” argued that Kyle Rittenhous­e was acquitted because of his financial backing. He stated that Mr. Rittenhous­e was not acquitted because of self- defense. However, anyone who watched the entire trial would understand this isn’t the case.

What Mr. Butler convenient­ly called a “Black Lives Matter protest” was, despite its original purpose, a riot. Mr. Butler called Mr. Rittenhous­e “a wannabe cop.” Mr. Rittenhous­e was not a wannabe cop; he showed up to the riot just like everyone else, except he was armed, and people didn’t like that. In one of the videos, we can see Mr. Rittenhous­e running away from one of the men before turning around and shooting. The fact that people are trying to defend those who lunged toward a man with a loaded assault-style weapon is quite beyond me.

The people so upset over the Rittenhous­e case and yet who haven’t even watched the trial will never cease to amaze me. Perhaps one of the biggest issues in our society today is the lack of public knowledge and awareness on the reality of many issues.

Regina Nappo, Falls Church

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