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Scooter Cowboys


The Nov. 21 Metro article “D.C. extending permits for scooter dockless-bike operators through June” left out an important aspect of motorized scooter use: the need for vigorous safety enforcemen­t by D.C. As a pedestrian downtown, I was run off the sidewalk in September by a guy speeding toward me.

Here’s what I would like to say to the Scooter Cowboy: You have no idea that in stepping quickly to get out of your way, all my weight came down on the uneven edge of the sidewalk where it meets the tree box, twisting my ankle in a nasty way. One X-ray, a month of physical therapy and three doctor visits later, I’m still trying to heal this problem, with no luck. And I have had to cut back exercise, mobility and travel. These scooters are supposed to be forbidden on the Central Business District sidewalks, where you were riding; scooters on any sidewalk are clearly dangerous. But you were oblivious — both of the law and the damage you caused — while you rode blithely by.

To the Scooter Cowboy and the D.C. Department of Transporta­tion and the police, I say: Reckless actions have consequenc­es, and it is incumbent upon Scooter Cowboy and the government to eliminate the risks to pedestrian­s and place them squarely back where they belong — on the riders.

Cory Amron, Arlington

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