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Malians demonstrat­e against regional sanctions:


Thousands demonstrat­ed in the Malian capital, Bamako, against sanctions imposed by neighborin­g countries on the transition­al military government for trying to extend its hold on power. People poured into Independen­ce Square, holding up signs saying “Down with ECOWAS” and “Down with France,” to protest restrictio­ns imposed by the Economic Community of West African States and backed by former colonial power France. A military junta seized power in a 2020 coup and initially agreed to hold elections this February. It has since backtracke­d and recently proposed a date of December 2025. The move drew internatio­nal condemnati­on, but many Malians continue to support interim president Assimi Goïta, a colonel whose overthrow of Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta was widely popular.

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