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Making a vast difference to the vas deferens


Regarding the Dec. 28 front-page article “Across the U.S., vasectomie­s become an ‘act of love’ ”:

I applaud the men and the men’s movements promoting vasectomie­s, not only as a response to recent antiaborti­on laws but also because vasectomy is overall a safe and responsibl­e means of family planning and population control. I had an outpatient needle-and-scalpel vasectomy almost 40 years ago — and it was virtually pain-free at that time. (I was even able to watch the doctor with the aid of a mirror!)

I was disappoint­ed, however, that the article mentioned only that current vasectomy is “needle-and scalpel-free” but did not describe just what the procedure is. Knowing precisely what one can expect with a vasectomy would go a long way, I believe, toward encouragin­g more men to take the plunge.

Larry S. Beyna, Cheverly

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