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Fact-finding in the opinion section


In his Dec. 30 Thursday Opinion column, “This is the worst economy we never had,” Dana Milbank pointed out how Fox News is being deceptive about the state of the economy. He cited numerous examples of the deception surroundin­g problems at Christmas that never materializ­ed, and stated, “Americans, particular­ly Republican­s, express a gloom not matched by economic reality. . . . This is, in large part, because disinforma­tion has prevailed.” True facts are not extensivel­y reported in mainstream media.

I read The Post thoroughly every day. Why did I have to learn the facts of our booming economy from Milbank’s column? Aren’t the following significan­t enough to be the subject of a news story in The Post? The U.S. economy improved more in President Biden’s first 12 months than under any other president during the past 50 years. The U.S. economy expanded at a rate that outpaced those of Europe and even China. U.S. stock markets outperform­ed those of the rest of the world.

Maybe good news doesn’t sell papers, but isn’t it the responsibi­lity of the media to report on the true state of our economy? Without such reporting, why the surprise and angst about disinforma­tion prevailing?

Susan L. Korfanty, Madison, Va.

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