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Fuzzy resolution­s


Kudos to Sergio Peçanha’s Dec. 31 Friday Opinion column, “10 common-sense New Year’s resolution­s.” However, he should have included the most important resolution: Pass the voting rights bill. Lora Lee Rodriguez, Solomons, Md.

In his Dec. 31 column, “10 common-sense New Year’s resolution­s,” Sergio Peçanha reinforced the white-supremacy narrative by stating, “Unless you’re Native American, you’re here because someone in your family was an immigrant.” My ancestors did not choose to come from Africa to America as immigrants; they came as chattel. It is stunning that no one corrected this enormously myopic historical error before it went to print.

This type of institutio­nalized bias demonstrat­es why critical race theory, anti-racism education, the 1619 Project and groups such as Black Lives Matter continue to be vital and necessary in 2022.

Bill Harris, Columbia

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