The Washington Post

An unexpected warmth with no snow


Besides closing the first two weeks of 2022, and opening the way to a long holiday weekend, Friday tested the layperson’s knack for predicting weather.

For a mid-january day, Friday seemed so benign, so bright, so benevolent in a wintry way that it seemed to belie the forecasts.

Prediction­s abounded here of snow and ice to come. But on what could be called the eve of the eve of the storm, visible signs of looming menace seemed few.

Clouds often covered the sun, but sun could be found and felt.

It was windy, but Washington’s temperatur­e reached 50 degrees. At 6 degrees above the Jan. 14 average, could more be asked?

Of nature’s fickleness, we know. Even so, keen meteorolog­ical vision seemed needed to sense snow in Friday’s pleasant skies.

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