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Afghans need fast action, too


The April 22 news article “New U.S. system aimed at easier sponsorshi­p of Ukrainian refugees” reported that the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security announced they are creating a new means to allow fleeing Ukrainians to apply for “humanitari­an parole” so long as U.S. citizens and organizati­ons are willing to sponsor them. In addition, President Biden promised the program would be “fast” and “streamline­d.”

I would like to remind the administra­tion that there are tens of thousands of similar requests currently backlogged within U.S. Citizenshi­p and Immigratio­n Services related to the withdrawal from Afghanista­n. We are one of the U.S. families who filed to sponsor a family of 10 and paid the $575 per individual yet have seen no forward movement in the process. With an estimated 30,000 filings for Afghan nationals as of February, USCIS is sitting on at least $17 million in unearned fees.

Ukrainian lives are important, and so are Afghan lives. Why does the administra­tion now promise that the fate of European lives will be expedited?

Jerilyn Dunphy, Fairfax

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