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There is no exit for Russia


In his April 27 op-ed, “Does the exit ramp look more attractive to Putin now?,” David Ignatius summarized the current events surroundin­g the war in Ukraine. I suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimate reason for initiating the war precluded any considerat­ion of an “exit.”

An exit ramp would seem to presuppose a measured political or economic rationale for the invasion together with a set of related goals and contingenc­y plans, perhaps a goal of implementi­ng the Minsk II agreement. Somewhere out of the fog of his imaginatio­n and perhaps more personally through a sense of embarrassm­ent because of the collapse of East Germany, Mr. Putin has absorbed pan-slaviclike aspiration­s as a basis for the current and perhaps future invasions to fulfill a destiny for Russia. There is no concept of exit when motivated by such a conceptual­ization — it’s all or nothing. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s comment about the possibilit­y of a nuclear conflict would seem to bear this out.

Andrew Labadie, Washington

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