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Justice in Indian Country


This eye-opening report is the product of a year-long investigat­ion into how the legal system in Indian country fails some of America’s most vulnerable citizens—and what is being done to begin to rectify an ongoing tragedy. Sari Horwitz, recipient of the ASNE Award for Distinguis­hed Writing on Diversity, traveled to an Indian reservatio­n in Minnesota to interview a Native American woman who had been sexually assaulted, as had her mother and daughter. In each case, the assailants, who were not Native American, were not prosecuted due to loopholes in the laws on jurisdicti­on of criminal prosecutio­n on Indian reservatio­ns. This story set her off on a journey across the country, into remote villages and tribal lands where Horwitz uncovered the widespread failures of the American legal system and its inability to protect Native American women and children.

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