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Jamestown is at risk


Regarding the May 4 Metro article “Colonial Jamestown, assailed by climate change, is facing disaster”:

For generation­s, Virginia elementary students have learned about the founding of Jamestown in 1607. But, alas, by the time our children are old enough to visit this historic site with their own families, it will likely be completely underwater.

The impending doom of historic Jamestown should be a clarion call for every single elected official in Virginia. Our leaders have the honor to serve in one of the most historic states in the nation, and they have a special responsibi­lity to do what they can to protect and preserve these historic treasures for future generation­s. And that means using their power to do everything they can to stop the scourge of climate change.

Whether it’s the governor keeping us in the bipartisan, successful Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or the Prince William Board of County Supervisor­s protecting rural land, forests and our region’s national parks or the Loudoun County Board moving quickly to deal with the greenhouse gas emissions from massive data centers, our leaders must make the reduction of planetwarm­ing pollution a top priority in every single decision they make.

Our national heritage and our commonweal­th’s future prosperity are at stake.

Andrea Mcgimsey, Reston The writer is executive director of Faith

Alliance for Climate Solutions.

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