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We’re not reading the news


Kudos for publishing “I’m a journalist who stopped reading the news. Is the problem me — or our product?,” Amanda Ripley’s July 12 Tuesday Opinion essay on what ought to be incorporat­ed in the reporting of the news by the Fourth Estate.

There must be an aspect of hope — a sense of possibilit­y incorporat­ed in the news. There must be a sense of agency — that something, even something small, can be done about a problem. There must be a recognitio­n of human dignity — without that recognitio­n, it is hard to understand why people do what they do.

Ms. Ripley suggested that in the coming election cycle, the Fourth Estate should “send a search party for the 42 percent of Americans who are avoiding the news” because it lacks these qualities. I suggest that her excellent idea should be extended to the nature of political speech that is missing from 100 percent of our current crop of politician­s.

Alex Netchvolod­off, Washington

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