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Goodbye, ‘Rebel yell’


Regarding the July 14 Metro article “Fairfax to rename Confederat­e streets”: A welcome developmen­t.

And perhaps, if it hasn’t already, the Fairfax High School football team can dispense with what it affectiona­tely calls “The Rebel Yell.”

Rebecca F. Samawicz, Ocean City, Md.

I was sad to read the July 14 Metro article on renaming Confederat­e-themed streets in Fairfax City.

The city council’s move, under the umbrella of racial justice, provides another example of anti-everything-confederat­e hysteria. Removing Confederat­e names and memorials will not solve the problems of scarce affordable housing, low teacher pay or high inflation.

The Fairfax City Council forgot to listen to the majority of people living in Mosby Woods who opposed the name changes. The views and majority vote of the community associatio­n members should be the driving force, not the city council.

Claude R. Mayo, Burke

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