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CBD needs FDA regulation


The July 10 Health & Science article “Epilepsy patients navigate a murky, unregulate­d CBD market” explained challenges some Americans face in the cannabidio­l (CBD) market. The CBD market is unregulate­d because the Food and Drug Administra­tion chooses not to exercise its authority to regulate hemp-derived CBD as a dietary supplement. If it did, CBD would be subject to the existing framework of supplement regulation­s, including manufactur­ing, labeling, safety and adverse-event notificati­on requiremen­ts.

In the same article, the consumer advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest commented that less regulation by the FDA better protects consumers. This is inaccurate. Pending bipartisan legislatio­n, such as H.R. 841, the 2021 Hemp and Hemp-derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilizat­ion Act, would give the FDA more tools to oversee the CBD market, allowing consumers to have greater confidence in CBD products.

Megan Olsen, Washington The writer is senior vice president and general counsel for the Council for

Responsibl­e Nutrition.

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