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Manchin’s interests run deep


Regarding the July 17 news article “White House sidelined as Manchin again crushes Biden’s policy ambitions”:

As Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.VA.) single-handedly trashes congressio­nal efforts to save the planet, there’s only one thing Americans need to know about him. He has one issue: protecting the interests of climate-busting coal and preserving his personal wealth. Between 2011 and 2020, Mr. Manchin made about $5 million from coal-related enterprise­s. He might raise other issues, such as “taxes” and “inflation,” to make himself look reasonable and cover up his singular focus on coal.

Sorry, Senator, you don’t get to decide for all of the American people that inflation, a worldwide phenomenon, is more important than taking the necessary steps to save a threatened planet.

If he wants to run the country, he should run for president. But then voters would find out he’s a coal baron, a one-hit wonder who is interested only in himself.

Donna Halvorsen, South Portland, Maine Absent from the discussion on Sen. Joe

Manchin III’S (D-W.VA.) opposition to legislatio­n addressing climate change is

the stunning reality that not one Republican senator of 50 has the courage to buck party discipline to save

the planet.

In a cruel juxtaposit­ion, prominent on the July 15 front page was an article about how thousands of tree and plant species face extinction from climate change [“Tree’s decline feared to be a climate omen”]. The mindless, irresponsi­ble opposition of the Republican Party to fighting climate change is so accepted that it is not even discussed. Fine to write about that one Democratic senator who cannot be persuaded. But at the same time, don’t give a pass to the 50 Republican­s who empower that one senator. How about an article asking each of the 50 Republican­s to explain to their grandchild­ren how they can be so reckless?

Kenneth Gubin,, Herndon

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