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All hail full disclosure­s


For 30 years, I have provided legal representa­tion to more than 1,200 taxi drivers and companies in Maryland and D.C. The Post joined in an excellent analysis of the Uber global political and financial balloon that will at some point resolve [“Uber leveraged attacks against its drivers to pressure politician­s,” front page, July 11]. Unmentione­d in the entire piece was that Jeff Bezos, the owner of The Post, is a major investor in the company. In Post articles on Berkshire Hathaway over the years while Warren Buffett was on The Washington Post Co.’s board, there was always a perfunctor­y mention of his dual interest. The Post should do the same — every time — with Bezos.

This is important in that the Uber story is not done. This is just the intermissi­on. Yet to be seen is the resolution of investor debt and its effect on drivers. The political resolve to protect the traveling public must be examined. Government control of public transit and the need to regulate all in the industry date back to Henry VIII and the boats on the River Thames, where an armband was required to show the boatmen were not highwaymen and that they had paid their “fee” to the crown.

I look forward to the second act. John A. Lally, Bowie

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