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D3 belongs in the D section


I agree totally with Sally Jenkins’s July 11 Sports column, “The grown-ups are the reason college football is falling apart.” But the media could help by covering college sports more expansivel­y. There are wonderful conference­s and rivalries throughout Division III, where real students play. They are just as much athletes as the power conference behemoths’ athletes. The history, competitio­n, color, rivalry and engaging play are readily available, year after year. And the coaches are good, too.

But media outlets choose to be held hostage by the very coaches and administra­tors Jenkins rightly criticized. How about this: A daily column and daily story — just one — on a D3 sport and competitio­n? Or every other day? A real story, real coverage, of a local team or a big national game? A special place in the Sports section where D3 is highlighte­d. Look around — they’re there.

Tom Martella, Washington

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