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An education of the highest order


The July 10 Washington Post Magazine profile of Anthony S. Fauci, “Anthony Fauci looks back,” was impressive, detailed, even inspiratio­nal. I really enjoyed reading it. I have to respectful­ly bring up two issues, however.

It’s a shame that with all the specific detail about what makes Fauci tick — his motivation­s, his philosophy, his family, how he deals with criticism and stress and so on — not one word was said about any kind of faith he might or might not have. (Some internet research reveals that he was raised Catholic; reports vary on how observant he is, but, apparently, he considers his Jesuit education to have been very important in his formation.)

Second, it would have been interestin­g to talk to Francis Collins, Fauci’s supervisor at the National Institutes of Health for much of the pandemic (and possibly the reason Fauci kept his job). I am sure Collins would have even more insights.

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