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Fire them all — all 376


Regarding the July 18 front-page article “Uvalde report absolves no one”:

Three hundred seventy-six police officers were on scene at the Uvalde Elementary School. That's not a mistake, 376 cops from a variety of law enforcemen­t agencies in Texas.

Not a single solitary officer on scene attempted to confront the shooter. Not one! Every officer at the Robb Elementary School can never again say “we put our lives on line every single day we go to work.” Well, not so much. On May 24, while skulking in the hall for instructio­ns, they stood there in the hallway armed to the teeth and wearing ballistic vests, while the gunman was shooting.

The folks in charge should be immediatel­y fired — none of this “paid administra­tive” status here — and their pensions forfeited. Yes that is harsh, but not harsh enough for these law enforcemen­t officers who were armed to the teeth and cowed in the hallway.

Rich Scanlan, Towson

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