The Washington Post

Biden’s symptoms continue to improve

- — Laura Reiley and Dan Diamond

President Biden, who tested positive for the coronaviru­s on Thursday, continues to experience mild symptoms that are improving, the White House said Sunday.

His physician, Kevin O’connor, wrote in a letter that the president’s pulse, blood pressure, respirator­y rate and temperatur­e all remain normal, and he doesn’t have any shortness of breath.

“His predominan­t symptom now is sore throat,” O’connor wrote, adding that it was an indication that his body is clearing the virus.

The president has taken the antiviral Paxlovid for three days and will continue treatment, O’connor said. He is also taking Tylenol and using an albuterol inhaler a few times a day for cough.

“The President is responding to therapy as expected,” O’connor wrote in his latest letter.

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