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2 reported killed in gun battle with troops


Israeli troops and special forces on an arrest mission exchanged fire with Palestinia­ns barricaded in a house in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, Israeli police said. The local rescue service said two Palestinia­ns were killed.

Israeli police said a number of armed Palestinia­ns were killed during the hours-long battle deep inside the city of Nablus, without specifying. Police said no Israeli forces were wounded.

The Palestinia­n Red Crescent said the two men were killed in clashes with the military in Nablus. The rescue service said 19 Palestinia­ns were wounded, including two critically.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said the men had been wanted in shootings.

The military said a violent protest broke out as troops were operating in Nablus, with protesters hurling explosive devices at soldiers and opening fire at them. The soldiers fired back, the military said.

The military said it also operated in a separate area of the West Bank, where another brief exchange of fire occurred.

Israeli forces have been carrying out near-daily raids in the West Bank for months, in a bid to quell attacks by Palestinia­ns. The military has faced resistance during some of those raids, which in several instances have turned deadly.

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