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2 homeless men killed in Vancouver shooting


A man who targeted homeless people fatally shot two men in a Vancouver, B.C., suburb before being shot and killed by police, authoritie­s said Monday. Two other people were injured.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said an emergency response team found the gunman not far from where a man was found with a gunshot to his leg. During an interactio­n with police, the gunman was shot and pronounced dead at the scene, authoritie­s said.

In addition to the man shot in the leg, a woman was shot and is in critical condition, police said.

Authoritie­s said most of the shootings were in downtown Langley, a town of 26,000 about 30 miles southeast of Vancouver.

Mass shootings are less common in Canada than in the United States. The deadliest gun rampage in Canadian history occurred in 2020, with 22 killed.

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