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The peddler of false claims


Thanks to James Hohmann for highlighti­ng in his July 21 Thursday Opinion column, “Aug. 2 offers a chance to reject strains of Trumpism,” the importance of the Republican primary in Arizona. In addition to the gubernator­ial race that pits a Donald Trump-endorsed candidate against one endorsed by former vice president Mike Pence and term-limited Gov. Doug Ducey, the contest for secretary of state presents a similar opportunit­y.

Mark Finchem, an Oath Keeper who marched on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, is endorsed by Mr. Trump. Mr. Finchem claims the 2020 election was stolen and argues that the state legislatur­e can override election results it regards as questionab­le. Beau Lane, endorsed by Mr. Ducey, has not embraced the election lie. He promises to run clean elections and tally the results to reflect the choices made by the voters. Under Arizona law, independen­ts may vote in either party primary, giving them an opportunit­y to help drive another peddler of false election fraud claims from our political life.

Virginia S. Albrecht, Washington

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