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Opening the door for action


Regarding the July 22 editorial “There is no time to waste”:

Though I agree that a presidenti­al declaratio­n of a climate emergency will not, in and of itself, solve climate warming, it is foolish to dismiss this important step. Declaring a climate emergency would open the legal door to critical actions President Biden must take to adequately address the climate crisis, such as ending crude oil exports and driving big investment in clean, renewable energy.

Meanwhile, there are things Mr. Biden can and must do that don’t require such a declaratio­n, including denying permits for pending fossil-fuel infrastruc­ture projects such as pipelines and export terminals as well as halting new drilling and fracking on federal lands, which he promised on the campaign trail.

Mr. Biden must unlock and use his executive powers to address the root cause of the climate crisis by enacting policies that will keep fossil fuels in the ground and facilitate a rapid build-out of clean, renewable energy across our economy.

Jim Walsh, Takoma Park The writer is policy director

of Food & Water Watch.

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