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The Soto line


In his July 24 Sports column, “If Nats lose another star, fans might leave as well,” Kevin B. Blackiston­e articulate­d the feelings of many of my fellow Washington Nationals fans — and me. The fire sale last year that sent so many of our favorite players away was a dagger to my heart. Frankly, I am still not over it. But I understood the deal: The Nationals are rebuilding around Juan Soto.

Now that it appears that the Lerners, the team’s owners, are poised to break that promise to us, I wonder if they realize the very real risk they run of losing the fan base. If they doubt that it can happen, they need only look across town at the Washington Commanders.

Nats fans are loyal, but there is a limit to how much heartache we will accept. As Mr. Blackiston­e so aptly put it, we “don’t want to hear about any merits in dealing Soto — there aren’t any.” Mr. Soto might well prove to be the line they do not want to cross.

Virginia White, Washington

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