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The union representi­ng flight attendants at Southwest Airlines has asked federal mediators to step in and help with stalled contract talks after more than three years of negotiatio­ns. Flight attendants with the 14,600-member TWU Local 556 union have already made plans to picket airports at the end of September after complaints that conditions for workers remain poor and that the Dallas-based carrier isn’t moving fast enough toward a new contract.

A U.S. Appeals Court on Friday upheld rules set by the Federal Aviation Administra­tion (FAA) requiring drones to have remote identifica­tion technology to enable them to be identified from the ground. The rules, which were finalized in April 2021, give drone manufactur­ers 18 months to begin producing drones with so-called Remote ID and are aimed at safely managing the growing use of drones in U.S. airspace.

Walmart has a new sales pitch for consumers contending with soaring prices: Buy used goods. A new “Walmart Restored” program will make it easier to shop for refurbishe­d items from the likes of Apple, Samsung Electronic­s and Whirlpool’s Kitchenaid, the retail giant said in a statement Friday. The restored merchandis­e will be available online and in some stores this fall.

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