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Big little lies


Let’s change the dialogue. For far too long, Americans have referred to projects as something to fight about. If we count the number of times we say “fight,” trends will indicate a fight is brewing. I implore legislator­s and people of all stripes to change the basis of the conversati­on to work together, not fight each other. The “big lie” is not a creative response. If we say, “Let’s work together,” chances are that will happen. But if we are to just fight, that’s what we will get.

The process of reinforcin­g ideas over and over leads to results tied directly to the reinforced idea. An example would be how The Post’s Weather page uses “Reagan,” “Dulles” and “BWI” airports, as also happens in television weather reports. This might reinforce racism because the name of the Baltimore airport is Baltimore-Washington Internatio­nal Thurgood Marshall Airport. Using “BWI” over and over reinforces negative ideas about the late Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall and people of color. Repeated, this can lead only to deleteriou­s ends.

Little and big reinforced lies are bad for everyone but occur daily.

Geoffrey Uyehara, Silver Spring

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