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Professor in video settles with university


A professor who was suspended in January for making a profanity-filled video to welcome students settled his legal dispute with a university by accepting $95,000 and agreeing to a three-year gag order.

As part of the deal, Barry Mehler retired from Ferris State University rather than face possible terminatio­n after a judge refused to reinstate him last spring, according to a March document released to the Associated Press under a public records request.

Mehler, who taught history at Ferris State for decades, made headlines in January when the school placed him on paid leave in response to a provocativ­e 14minute video, which got more than 500,000 views on Youtube. He used profanitie­s and made a sexual reference as he talked about his attendance policy, grades, plagiarism and covid-19.

Mehler was upset with the school over its refusal to require coronaviru­s vaccinatio­ns. He called students “vectors of disease” and said they didn’t need to attend class in person.

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