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We face catastroph­e


Warning! This is a doomsday letter. It’s not only the Tour de France that “faces an uncertain future,” as the July 24 frontpage article “Tour de France races into uncertain future” claimed. We all do.

It’s the end of the world as we know it: Record temperatur­es that keep rising higher every year. Wildfires increasing. Drought. Floods. Severe weather. All getting worse every year. And we continue activities as normal. Going to sports events. Going on long trips.

What will it be like in five years? Ten? Twenty? More severe drought, leading to food shortages, famine, mass starvation. You think inflation is bad now? It’s an “inconvenie­nt truth,” but this is not sustainabl­e. And our dear president can’t even declare a climate emergency. We face a climate catastroph­e. A climate disaster. Lord, help us.

Russ Leinbach, Harrisonbu­rg, Va.

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