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The end of Latin Mass


Regarding the July 25 Metro article “The Latin Mass is ending: Rituals will soon cease at six Catholic parishes”:

I know some parishione­rs will regret the actions by the pope and Cardinal Wilton Gregory to restrict the Latin Mass. But perhaps these parishione­rs will sympathize a bit more with others who have struggled when their personal views have differed with official church rulings.

More to the point, if they consider how it feels when a religious institutio­n attempts to control their behavior or influence their deeply held personal beliefs, perhaps they will have an inkling of what it can feel like for non- Christians, including agnostics and atheists, when faith leaders try to insert their religious practices or ideas into the public sphere.

Of course, even with the Latin Mass, the worshipers in question have a choice: They aren’t forced to attend Mass. But what of those who are legally required to attend school or go to court? Is it truly necessary or fair to push for mandatory prayer or other religious symbols in such situations?

Peter Kovar, Takoma Park

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