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Stop meddling in primaries


You know that feeling you have when you are sure somebody is doing something wrong but you just can’t put your finger on it as to why? Well, that’s exactly how I was feeling about the Democratic Party’s strategy of trying to bolster Trump Republican candidates in GOP primary elections under the theory that such candidates would be weaker challenger­s to the Democratic candidates in the general election.

But, thanks to Henry Olsen and his July 27 op-ed, “Democratic meddling in GOP primaries has reached a new level of absurdity,” I can now articulate why what I knew in my gut was wrong is, in fact, wrong. As a lifelong Democrat, I am appalled by former president Donald Trump, Trumpism and Trump acolytes and believe that our No. 1 priority is to do everything in our power to eliminate this scourge so that Trumpism becomes just a small blip in our country’s political history. As such, doing anything to make such candidates appealing to Republican voters is counter to this critical objective.

To me, the cost of supporting such individual­s in their primary elections, even if it could improve the chances of a Democratic general-election victory, is just too high. In fact, this “ends justifies the means” behavior is something I would have expected only from the Republican Party. My wife and I agree that until we are assured that the Democratic fundraisin­g organizati­ons will not use our dollars to further this strategy, our largesse (albeit modest) will go elsewhere.

Mitchell Batt, Rockville

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