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Stellantis unit ordered to pay in cheating case


A federal judge on Monday sentenced the U.S. division of Stellantis to pay $300 million in penalties and forfeiture­s for cheating on government emissions testing on “clean Ecodiesel” for Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVS and Ram 1500 pickup trucks.

FCA U.S. pleaded guilty to the criminal conspiracy charge in June. It was the second guilty plea for federal criminal conduct by the company in as many years for actions taken before parent Fiat Chrysler Automobile­s’ merger with French automaker Groupe PSA, which created Stellantis last year.

As federal standards have become more stringent, automakers face the pressure of reducing emissions of internal combustion engine vehicles and transition­ing to zero-emission vehicles or else pay millions of dollars in fines or for credits from competitor­s like electric vehicle maker Tesla. Stellantis in the first half of 2022 paid $678 million in penalties following an adjustment to Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulation­s earlier this year.

FCA’S settlement for the emissions cheating includes a nearly $204 million forfeiture from the sold models on which it had cheated on the tests and an additional penalty of more than $96 million. The company also is subject to three years of probation and is required to cooperate in the government’s further investigat­ion into the matter.

“The company accepts responsibi­lity and regrets the conduct that resulted in this plea agreement,” said Christophe­r Pardi, general counsel for FCA in North America.

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