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Mr. Trump and 2024


Speculatio­n abounds regarding the 2024 Republican Party presidenti­al nomination: former president Donald Trump vs. the field, especially Florida Gov. Ron Desantis. Although, it might be in the interest of the party to select someone other than Mr. Trump, as Megan Mcardle opined in her July 29 op-ed, “Trump 2024 is in no one’s interest — even Democrats’, ” Mr. Trump might hold the high card. With his level of popular support within the party and his large megaphone, he could convincing­ly threaten to run as a thirdparty candidate if not nominated by Republican­s. With words alone, he has managed to bully Republican leaders both as president and as former president. A third-party threat might quell alternativ­e considerat­ions.

If he wants to run in 2024, blocking his desire would be difficult, unless the Justice Department or another jurisdicti­on clears a path, a course of action from which Republican leaders have cowered.

William Mccauley, Charlottes­ville

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