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This is our war, too


In their July 28 op-eds, Max Boot [“The U.S. is a lot stronger than Russia. We should act like it.”] and Sebastian Mallaby [“Can the West muster the will to face Russia?”] had it exactly right when they implored the United States to stand up to Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine. We must redouble our efforts to provide strong arms, jets and ammunition to our brave and deeply suffering friends, the Ukrainians, to resist and overcome Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deranged slaughteri­ng, raping, pillaging and desecratio­n.

This is the moment we Americans have been called upon to act boldly, decisively and with finality. Will Mr. Putin’s prophecy be the last word, that the West is glad to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian? This is our war, too. A war for freedom and democracy against a supreme tyrant. We cannot waste another day.

Robert Chasnow, Columbia

In recent days, several authors have argued that Ukraine can win the war against Russia provided that the United States and the West generally supply it with sufficient amount and quality of weapons. I am surprised not to read that Ukraine can win the war swiftly if the West directly intervenes militarily on its behalf.

One can argue that NATO has no business getting involved in the Ukraine war because no NATO state is directly threatened by Russia. True, but remember Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Kuwait was not a NATO country and yet it was defended by a coalition of Western (and Arab) states against the Iraqi invasion. The stakes at the time were obvious and very high: oil. But the stakes are even higher today: democracy vs. autocracy, hunger in developing countries, high inflation, high commodity prices in the whole world, achievemen­t or forfeiting of climate goals, the future of Taiwan.

It seems that there is a lot going for ending the war between Russia and Ukraine swiftly. And the outcome can only be one: Russia’s defeat. Imagine what would it be like otherwise: Russian President Vladimir Putin could then claim that he fought against the whole Western world and won. Ultimate humiliatio­n for the democratic West on the world stage.

Marek B. Majorek, Latterbach, Switzerlan­d

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