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A wonderful place to pay respects


I go through In Memoriam by each quarter, page by page, face by face. Not to find acquaintan­ces, only to reflect; I feel a responsibi­lity to do so. As I look at each face, I remember that each belonged to a living person. Most of the faces are smiling, reflective of happier times. But each face, smiling or not, projects a personalit­y. Whether I read this personalit­y rightly or wrongly, I feel a connection with every face. I reflect on the humanness of that individual and picture a conversati­on, or at least part of one. The young ones bring a sadness of a life ended too soon. Sometimes, there is regret that I wasn’t able to talk to a person. There are stories behind each face. And in some way a connection is made. I also appreciate the equality and simplicity with which everyone is treated in this publicatio­n. No biography, no praises, no judgments. We all go out the same.

Tom Walsh, Ruckersvil­le, Va.

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