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This letter saved me hours on my commute


Though I enjoyed reading the Aug. 20 Where We Live article about Colonial Village in Northwest D.C., “A green hideaway at the tip of D.C.,” [Real Estate] I was baffled by The Post’s apparent failure to have done even a cursory fact-check of its content. I live in Shepherd Park, the adjoining community also mentioned in the article.

The article contained two glaring errors: downtown Silver Spring is not west of Colonial Village, as the article stated, and Takoma is not the closest Metro stop. The accompanyi­ng map even features a big Metro “M” for the Silver Spring station, just a stone’s throw from the northeast tip of Colonial Village. Of course, if you’re going west to get there, based on the first error, it would take a round-the-world trip to arrive at Silver Spring, so from that perspectiv­e, Takoma probably would be closer. Alternativ­ely, maybe The Post could just hire a few proofreade­rs.

Ralph A. Blessing, Washington

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